Business Advantages

Enterprise data harbors valuable insights that can unleash personalized marketing strategies for a business, simultaneously helping to reduce risks.


Consulting in data analytics assists in scrutinizing prevailing market dynamics for predicting customer trends and behavior.


By offering comprehensive business insights, Data Analytics aids in developing strategies that align with market demands.


Efficiency and productivity in processes result from the combined influence of accurate information and fortified strategies.


By streamlining processes for efficiency, Data Analytics assists in enhancing conversion rates for campaigns and generating improved revenue streams.

Business Intelligence Analytics Solutions

Self-Service Ad Hoc Analytics and Data Visualization Solutions

Express Analytics offers a self-service platform for ad hoc analytics and data visualization, empowering business decision-makers to create reports independently, reducing reliance on their IT teams and initial investments. Our "Self-Service Data Visual Discovery Platform" enables users to visually explore data, gaining valuable insights for informed decision-making. Key features of our ad hoc analytics and data visualization platform include the ability to slice and dice data at any level, obtain data-driven answers to various business queries, and utilize a flexible, point-and-click interface to craft visually compelling dashboards.


Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

OLAP is frequently utilized in data mining. Express Analytics provides this software to assist decision-makers in simultaneously analyzing information from multiple database systems. OLAP offers interactive access to information for analysts and crucial decision-makers through multidimensional data models.

Mobile Business Intelligence

We understand that modern enterprises face the challenge of making rapid, nearly real-time decisions. This transformation in decision-making is further driven by the widespread use of internet-connected mobile devices. However, smartphones lack the expansive display capabilities of desktop computers. Nimittha Technologies addresses this challenge by seamlessly integrating mobile BI capabilities into organizational operational processes. This empowers decision-makers to access BI-related data, such as dashboards, on their mobile screens.


Enterprise & Corporate Performance Management

Translating the strategies of an enterprise into operational terms necessitates the integration of enterprise performance management, balanced scorecards, and business intelligence systems. This integration enables enterprises to concurrently pinpoint areas of both high and subpar performance, enabling them to effectively align resources and functions with the ultimate goal of achieving their corporate objectives.

Do more with our Power BI suite

Our Power BI suite provides key digital services focused on helping professionals handling their business intelligence needs.

Increase your performance

Data is a means to an end. Our Power BI suite automates several processes so you can devote more time to your core business.

Get outstanding support

All your daily needs will be ensured by our exceptional and swift support team.

Enjoy a user-friendly experience

Our products suite is easy to install and use so you don’t have to waste much time learning the ropes.

Get free updates

There’s always work to be done. Our products will keep improving to meet your needs and all updates are free of charge.

Get your data fast

Say goodbye to print screens. Embed your Power BI dashboards on Microsoft® Office™ and automate their refreshment rate.

Send your data everywhere

Your Power BI visual reports can be anywhere: on Microsoft® Office™ files, emails, a SharePoint™ server or displayed on a Smart TV screen.

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Our Services

Customize, Enhance, and Optimize Your Marketing and Sales Strategy To gain a comprehensive understanding of sales performance and the impact of your marketing endeavors, it's essential to go beyond the data within your CRM and marketing automation systems. For a holistic perspective on the efforts that lead to conversions, Nimitta Technologies' sales and marketing analytics solution integrates data from diverse CRM and automated marketing platforms, website analytics, SEO tools, social media platforms, and other sources. Our analytical expertise empowers your organization's sales and marketing teams to harness this data effectively, driving sales, achieving a favorable ROI, and maintaining agility in uncertain or volatile markets.

Craft, Tailor, and Implement Marketing Campaigns That Resonate with Your Customers Imagine having access to insights about your customers' preferences, dislikes, or those pivotal "moments of delight" in their buying journey. Wouldn't you leverage this knowledge to boost sales and increase revenue? For most organizations, the challenge lies in comprehending where and how to engage with customers. This demands a distinctive customer-centric perspective, achievable only through data-driven insights. To provide your organization with superior and personalized insights, Nimitta Technology's consumer analytics capabilities amalgamate unstructured social data, transactional web data, and structured organizational data. This amalgamation of data fosters a profound understanding of customer desires. We've developed specific solutions to extract insights from the present market, encompassing social media analysis, customer acquisition and retention, customer interaction modeling, intelligent customer segmentation, and customer sentiment analysis.

Enhance Intelligent Risk Management Through Data-Driven Intelligence Effective data protection is vital for achieving successful digital innovation. It requires the Finance, Risk, and Compliance (FRC) function to maintain compliance while minimizing risk. Nimitta Technology is here to assist you in establishing a comprehensive data-centered operational framework for FRC. Our financial and data science proficiency, combined with digital capabilities, will empower you to prototype and efficiently implement solutions. We assess and optimize your credit risk procedures, enhance compliance, and cut expenses by harnessing AI, advanced analytics, and best practices in data management.

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How Much Service Fee is Charged by Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai?

Evaluating Service Charges of App Development Companies in Florida

The pricing for mobile app development depends on various factors, including project complexity, development duration, and the following criteria:

  • App Complexity
  • Preferred Tech Stack
  • Desired UI/UX Design
  • App Idea's Functionality and Features
  • Development Company's Experience

While we present general budget ranges below, these figures serve as estimates. We strongly recommend engaging in a thorough consultation with an app development company to determine the tailored approach for your specific project.



Standard UI components, basic functionalities like social login, email signup, calendar integration, etc., excluding backend or replicating an existing app structure.

Development Timeframe:

2 Weeks - 1 Month



Personalized user interface, integration with third-party APIs, inclusion of payment gateways, and backend setup.

Development Time Taken

2-4 Months



Multiple third-party integrations, multilingual capabilities, intricate UI/UX design, custom animations, real-time functions, and a complex backend.

Development Time Taken

4 months or more

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing services, including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and more, over the internet. It works by hosting and managing these resources on remote servers, allowing users to access and utilize them as needed.

The main benefits include cost-efficiency, scalability, flexibility, accessibility, automatic updates, and the ability to offload infrastructure management to cloud providers.

Cloud computing services are typically categorized into three main types: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Each offers different levels of control and management.

Cloud computing can enhance business operations by improving agility, enabling remote work, enhancing data security, providing disaster recovery options, and facilitating cost-effective scalability.

Cloud providers implement various security measures such as encryption, access controls, firewalls, and regular security audits to protect data and infrastructure. However, customers are also responsible for securing their data.

Public clouds are shared resources accessible to multiple organizations, private clouds are dedicated to a single organization, and hybrid clouds combine both public and private cloud resources.

Application migration involves assessing your current applications, selecting the appropriate cloud environment (public, private, or hybrid), and then planning and executing the migration process, which may include re-architecting applications for cloud compatibility.

Serverless computing is a cloud computing model where cloud providers manage the infrastructure, allowing developers to focus solely on code. Consider it for applications with variable workloads and a need for automatic scalability.

DevOps practices in cloud computing emphasize collaboration and automation between development and operations teams. This results in faster development, testing, and deployment of applications in the cloud.

To ensure compliance, choose cloud providers that offer compliance certifications specific to your industry. Additionally, implement encryption, access controls, and monitoring to meet regulatory requirements for data protection and privacy.

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